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  • “You have an amazing ability to discover security weaknesses where others aren’t even looking.”
    -Tom Schulte, Managing Partner, RBZ, LLP

  • “You Rock”
    -Jennifer Terrill, VP Information Technology, CISO True Religion Brand Jeans

  • “The result of working with Citadel is not just better security but also a greater ability to effectively meet our mission, less money spent on IT, and a better night’s sleep for me.”
    Scott Bowling, Psy D. President & CEO Exceptional Children’s Foundation

  • “You threw me a lifesaver and pulled me in when I was surrounded by sharks. I’ll never forget that.”
    Donna Nakawaki, CFO, Rem Eyewear

  • “Thanks for helping us pass our challenging and extensive PCI information security audit. Your security management services perfectly augmented our own. This let us get through the audit efficiently and cost-effectively” – Mark Goldin, CIO & EVP Operations, Green Dot Corporation